Friday, 27 April 2012

Interview with Annelise Baer

Where did you graduate and what are you doing now?I did my undergrad at Loyola Marymount University and my MA at University of Bristol. Right now, I'm working as a researcher and just finished up a run at a production company that makes a lot of shows for the History Channel. I'll come clean right now: I've worked on Ancient Aliens. It was a really interesting experience and a great conversation starter!

When you graduated were you looking for a career in archaeology?Absolutely! The unfortunate thing was that I graduated in 2008, which was probably the worst period of the economic depression so there were no jobs and no funding for anything.

How has a degree in archaeology benefited your career?My MA is in Archaeology for Screen Media so it's definitely been a big help in my current job, especially since a good portion of what I do involves figuring out how to adapt ancient (or old...) topics for a TV audience.

Would you go back into Archaeology later down the line?I'd be digging right now if I could! I love archaeology and am always trying to figure out ways to keep it involved in my daily life. Hopefully I'll be able to get out in the field again or at least do some traveling! I need to go back to Egypt and see more of the Near East and Mediterranean in general.

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  1. Annelise Baer, great interview. Wish you all the best in your career in TV.