Friday, 13 April 2012

Jesus Tomb Controversy!

Archaeologists working in Jerusalem claim that a discovery they made inside a burial tomb, dating back to the time of Jesus Christ, could shed new light on the origins of Christianity.

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  1. While struggling to hide the true meaning of the recent Talpiot Tomb findings, the Jesus Discovery team blunders into a trap set by the Hebrew author of the Book of Revelation, exposing Christian Rome's darkest secret to the bright light.

    Jesus Discovery Team Accidentally Uncovers Christianity's Oldest and Darkest Secret

    The symbology on those two ossuaries are verifiable and timed stamped messages that leaves no doubt it is the work of a prophet. More importantly though, it is the work of a Hebrew prophet with intimate knowledge of deeply encoded details within the Book of Revelation. This helps to prove that Revelation was authored before the destruction of the Temple, which contradicts many pivotal assertions about the New Testament. They have opened Pandora's box and now the truth has escaped...

    Here is Wisdom...