Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kayleigh O'Leary - Career Interview

Kayleigh O'Leary graduated from Cardiff university - we caught up with her to ask her about her career so far...
Where did you graduate and what are you doing now?
I did both my BSc and my MA at Cardiff University. I am currently working as a museum assistant for the National Museum of Wales with a six-month secondment to the department of Archaeology and numismatics.

When you graduated were you looking for a career in archaeology?
I was looking for a career in archaeology. After three months of unemployment, I decided that a career anywhere within the history and heritage sector would be acceptable and finally after six months I got the job at the museum.

How has a degree in archaeology benefited your career?
I do believe that a degree in archaeology has benefitted my career, although not necessarily the MA. Archaeology has so many transferable skills, which are helpful in gaining any type of job. For my job, I am the link between the members of the public and the museum and a deeper knowledge of one department, I believe, has helped me greatly.

Would you go back into Archaeology later down the line?
I would love to go back to archaeology. Although my secondment is, only for six months, it has reinforced my love for the subject and if I ever had the chance to work in archaeology, be that museum based or field based, then I would jump at it.


  1. congratulations Kayleigh well done, love mam, dad and Lee

  2. No thanks to you