Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ceri Gage - Archaeology Career Interview

Where did you graduate and what are you doing now? In 2010 I graduated from the University of Wales, Lampeter with a Ba(hons) in Environmental Archaeology, I had developed a love for Prehistory and knew that a Maters in the Archaeology of the Transmanche Region, at the University of Kent was right for me. I graduated from Kent in 2011 and have been searching for that first archaeology job ever since! This has unfortunately not gone too well so I started writing a blog: Musings of an Unemployed Archaeologist. I am currently showcasing my Postgrad dissertation through the blog, in a series of small parts...eventually it will all be there along with some guided reading and all my thank you's. My thoughts were just to get my research out there, who knows who is reading, maybe someonele will see something exciting in my Iron Age Island!

When you graduated were you looking for a career in archaeology?Archaeology is all I have ever wanted to do, but I am having to be practical as well. I keep sending speculative CV's and I am trying to gain some additional field experience, I am also keen to join the new GIS boom as it seems to be particularly popular with employers at the moment.

Aside from archaeology I have started volunteering in Firing Line: Museum of the Welsh Soldier, where I do a range of things. I love helping out with front of house, greeting visitors, telling them a bit about us, getting the kids dressed up and enjoying themselves. I also love the behind the scenes aspect of museum life and particularly enjoy helping the curator out with different exhibit tasks. So much so I'm considering it as a career move

How has a degree in archaeology benefited your career?
At the moment that is difficult to assess, but it has definitely benefitted me as a person. It has provided me with the confidence to pursue dreams, before starting my degrees I was terrified of public speaking, now I love it and would love to make a career out of it. There is nothing better than sharing the archaeology you have found with others. Which direction my career will take I am unsure, but I know that archaeology will never leave me, the heritage industry will always be for me, whether its up to me knees in mud, in a quiet little museum office or in front of a university class developing the archaeological future.

What has been the greatest success in your career so far?
I have had a few, my acceptance onto my Masters course was a particularly proud moment, but I was not as proud as my parents were when I graduated in Canterbury Cathedral. I am particularly proud of my blog, its' viewer numbers are steadily growing, but I would like a little more feedback from readers. My biggest achievement has been the University of Bangor accepting me for a PhD, however, at the moment funding has not be forthcoming, so this may have to be put on hold for a little while!


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