Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Interview with Samuel-James Wilson

We caught up Samuel-James Wilson, 24 from Harrogate - his story is an inspiration for anyone, especially anyone in Craftsmenship:

Samuel-James has been in the building trade since he was 15 years old working under various companys. Since November 2011 he's been self employed doing building a respectible reputation in the trade and Harrogate area. Over the past two years or more he's been documenting his work through his Blog -  It has now topped over 11,000 hits, and has been read in over 70 different countries around the world.

In January 2012 Samuel-James heard about The Prince's Foundation's Building Skill In Craft Programme. Find more info on the course here - - This really intregued him as a builder "I have always wanted to build things that people would walk past and think 'WOW' I want to set myself apart from the average builder".

Samuel-James tried his hardest to secure a place on the course, making up a 25 page application form, including all references from previous employers and clients, pictures of my work, copies of qualifications and a personal statement. He knew this would set him apart straight away as most people would apply VIA the internet to save time.

After a week, Samuel-J was invited down for an interview, he travelled down to London, dressed in a suite [the first one he'd ever worn]. After the interview he left feeling confident.The next day he was given a phone call and he'd been accepted! 

So from July 16th 2012 he'll be setting off with The Prince's Foundation working around the country doing the thing that he loves most! Samuel-James will be documenting his time there through his Blog - - and also through his Facebook page - and VIA Twitter - @SamuelShip

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