Thursday, 26 July 2012

Domenica Pate Career Interview

Domenica Pate Career Interview - We caught up with Domenica Pate to ask her about her career in Archaeology so far...

1. Where did you graduate and what are you doing now?I graduated last summer from University of Calabria in History of Art, although my studies were mainly focused on archaeology. I’m currently attending a postgraduate two years school, specializing in Medieval Archaeology at University of Salento, in Lecce.
2. When you graduated were you looking for a career in archaeology?Absolutely. Becoming an archaeologist is what I wanted to do since I was twelve or thirteen and over the years the dream became a project. That’s why after my graduation I’ve decided to try and apply for my specialization. I’m not sure my “career” in archaeology has begun yet, but I like to think this was the first step into it.
3. How has a degree in archaeology benefited your career?My studies certainly helped me getting into this postgraduate school, but unfortunately when it came to my job history they didn’t matter. Up till now all my jobs had nothing or very little to do with archaeology, which is still, at least in Italy, a very tough field. It’s no mystery that in my country many archaeologists quit their career a few years after they complete their studies due to either lack of jobs/positions as researchers or working conditions that make earning a living very difficult. Sometimes you even see very competent people leaving the field after many years of sacrifices and good work.
4. What has been the greatest success in your career so far?I’m not really sure I can answer this question, since I feel like my career in archaeology hasn’t started yet. As far as my personal history goes, anyway, I believe every short term employment I had was somehow a success, each of them allowing me to learn something new or strengthen my previous knowledge and make a living out of it, which with the current economic crisis is something to be thankful for. Anyhow, as many others do, I believe in times like these lies the opportunity to be creative and to build something, and that’s what I hope for the future, whether my career will continue as an archaeologist or I’ll end up choosing a different path.

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