Friday, 17 August 2012

Krystal Isherwood-Jones: Archaeology Career Interview

We interviewed Krystal Isherwood-Jones to hear about her experience with Archaeology so far:

Why did you choose a degree in Archaeology?
I decided upon a degree in Archaeology after much thought and deliberation. Admittedly, before my degree, I had no experience in the Archaeological field, just an interest in the past and how it has impacted the present. Indeed, when I first applied for the course my choice was met with much doubt by both my teachers and friends as the majority of people in my school year chose more mainstream degrees. However, as a child and teen I was always interested in old sites, artefacts and buildings, learning as much as I could about their history; I knew Archaeology would give me the opportunity to explore and be interactive with the past for myself. Since studying for my degree, there hasn’t been one moment where I’ve regretted my choice.

Are you planning to work in Archaeology after you graduate?
Yes, I hope after I finish my BA undergraduate Archaeology degree to pursue a career in Cultural Heritage, especially the Museum sector. At the moment, I am currently volunteering as much as possible to make this plan a reality in the future, as well as preparing to study an MA in the field after I finish my third year at UCL. I definitely intend to maintain my interest in Archaeology – it’s hard to give up once you’ve started!

What have been the main benefits of your degree so far?
I have been lucky enough to be part of a department where field work is compulsory for passing my degree, giving me the opportunity to be involved with various archaeological projects. My digs so far have included an Iron Age fort site at West Dean, Sussex, an Egyptian/Philistine settlement in Israel, a Neolithic site in Cyprus and soon I will excavating an Etruscan settlement in Italy. These fantastic excavations have enabled me to travel and see countries that quite possibly I might never have visited, as well as meeting various other Archaeologists from all over the world. Furthermore, being able to learn and progress my field work skills has been invaluable, as well as discovering amazing evidence about these cultures. I look forward to many more opportunities to come.  

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