Thursday, 23 August 2012

Top 3 Trowels - Archaeology Resource

Here's are our top 3 Archaeology Trowels - Tried and tested!

1. Blue Spot Soft-Grip Pointing Trowel

At a bargain of £1.59, this trowel is our favourite one so far. It has a great grip and a brilliant point. Also it's bright handle means it won't be lost in the field!!

Buy it from here

2. MarshallTown 346D Pointing Trowel

Made to the usual high Marshalltown standards. Solid forged from high grade tool steel with a full ground and polished finish. For the more experienced Archaeologists, this trowel is worth the higher price of £10.89.

Buy it from here 
3. Ragni Crown R111 London Pointing Trowel 7 inches

This is a stunner. We love it. And a good price of £.9.59. Ergonomic handle for day-long comfort - Designed for a finer finish - Top quality materials and manufacture - Hardened edges.

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  1. Call yourself archaeologists? The only trowel to use is the 4" WHS Pointing trowel, available in wooden and soft handles.